Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A tired afternoon... but I'm happy... =)

Hehe... I have a very busy and abit 'unlucky' afternoon today!
With my buddies, wen wen and aqiu :)
We're preparing the ingredients of steamboat for tmr...
Yea, we're going to have a steamboat seesion tmr after class
with my dearest friends in college~
11 of us includes my bro & sis... ^^

So, after deduct those who are not free today
There are only 3 of us are going to prepare... SAD DOU! T.T
But never mind lar...
According to the agreement, 3 of us no need to do tmr o.O"
Hahahaha... hopefully lar... :)

Schedule for today...

1. We list down all the things we NEED, SHOULD, HAVE, MUST to buy
(Why? because if not, we sure buy until a mountain formed! hehehe^^)

2. Go pasar at sri rampai
(not many people after 10pm... but also not many stalls left... :( )

3. Having breakfast+lunch near pasar

4. Back to my house to put down the 'wet wet' things

5. Public Bank to buy bank draft for convo application
(Too many ppl and spend a lot of time there... SAD)

6. Jusco... buy... buy... buy...

7. Back to my house to keep all the things again...
(3 'sopo' who are never step into the kitchen... really dunno how to starts... o.O")

all the photos will be taken tmr... then I'll share here again...
hope everyone will have an 'enjoyable' afternoon tmr ba! =)

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