Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy hour with my buddies

As what I wrote in my last post, we had a wonderful steamboat session last Thursday.
Why? I also dunno... Just feel like want to celebrate we're graduate in diploma suddenly?
Maybe? I think so. Hehe
Anyway, we're happy and enjoy...

Venue : My house (sorry that it is so small, dun care pls)
Time : Thursday after class (around 1pm)

From top (left):
vincent (my bro), xiowei, jocelyn yee kam, ME, shihan, sinting, aqiu, beegaik, tienhua, maggie (my sis), wenwen

Lets start the story:
After reach my house around 1pm ++, we start to prepare... *busy busy busy*

'Longan sui' prepared by xiowei and sinting... "TASTE GOOD"

"We're busy!!! NO DISTURD lar weyh...!"

All the prawn are arranged by xiowei... She is so proud for this...
Anyway, 'they' are cleaned by aqiu, wenwen and me.. It is VERY SMELLY pls!!! and we actually dunno how to start in begins!!! >.< (never stepped into kitchen is like this de lar @.@~)

Yea, 80% complete

Haha, finally we done all the things... The table is FULL! :) WE ARE HUNGRY ler...



Wow... can eat ler?...

rebut rebut makan... ^^
After an hour... Finished!!! o.O" yes, we are totally full and we eat at floor (since no place) =="

Its time to clean!!! arrange arrange jobs~

wenwen and sinting: washing
aqiu and beegaik: laping
puisan and tienhua: keeping
shihan and yeekam: throwing (rubbish)
vincent and maggie: cleaning (living room)
xiowei: 'kacauing' (no lar, she helps all of us actually) hehe... :) pity xiowei =="

I wonder why we are so happy when cleaning? @.@~~

The most hardworking lenglui: KWA WENWEN (hand slapssss..... congratz congratz)

cake for? no birthday! no anniversary! just for FUN! lolx...
Can you all see the words "We're graduate =)" that I wrote on top of the cake?...
(huh?! cannot?! who take this pic de!!! T.T)

Congratulation for graduate in DIPLOMA!!! ^^

congratz again to weiqiu and shihan who graduate with distinction...

"yum seng!!!!"
(one champagne left only at the end... share share share)

see xiowei see xiowei... she is so enjoy to the cake!!!

rebut rebut rebut~~~~~and after a minute.....


finish eat the real cake and they are...

Thats all for the stories~ BYE BYE!!!!

More photos in my facebook album o~ ^^ please click

So happy to have a nice day with you all~ LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! MUACKSSSSS!

Suddenly feel like wanna shout loudly:



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