Wednesday, July 9, 2008

TT nite

TT nite, stand for talentime night. it was a biggest show in TARC. aim was to all the freshies can shows their talent on the stage. and the tt nite 2008 was held on 6 july (last sunday), in college hall, 5 to 10pm, 5 hours.

i still remember that i went out early tat day to go to chin and yeing's home for make up. this was the first time i make up myself. so, of course wanna found someone who talent.. lol sin yee came to my house around 3++pm, then v took teksi to MU (Melati Utama) lor. spent about 4 dollars. when arrived, yening, yeing n chin still haven bathing yet. huh, v thought v were late... seen not... swt

after chat an hours, finally v started make up for today. haha... it was quite interesting. a lot of things wanna learn. finally i noe wat is mascara, eye lighner, eye shadow.... lol (really not a lady before)... processing...

yeing n yening
yee, me
me, yen, yee
my new look c how different v r after make up^^
all my frens wearing sexy la... except me

haiyo, really duno wat v did? make up around 2 hours still haven finished yet. chin was most busy de, becoz wanna help us who still "freshies"... haha... it was late!!! melvin sms me many times ler... he was arrived early... omg!!! v still haven finish yet. headache...

5.30++pm, v done. yening's brother took us went to college lor... forturenaly, v stil not very late, the show juz wanna starts. lol.. i sat with sinyee together. erm, about the show, still okay lor... got 5 categeries, emcee, solo singing, group singing, intrumental and dancing. i though nth special. for me, solo singing quite bored lor. n most interesting was dancing. each group show their talent very well. judge were... actually i duno their name lar, who i noe is only wo jia hui and guan qi yuan... lol

the show ended about 10.30pm but i back early lor... becoz dun like out to the hall wif so many ppl. then, my cousin was took sinyee n me back to home. after that, i got the result from melvin, if i didnt wrong, emcee's winner was stephanie, solo- yee min, group- twlight( u ladies who had very very gud voice), dancing- break the beat (breakdance + hiphop) and intrumental- voyage (both play keyboard, geng!!)

well, before i stop tis topic, i though this tt nite still okay for me la... but really nthing special lor... pure show only. n i wanna apologize with melvin lor bcoz back early without inform. last was i didnt met anyone who i noe there leh... mayb too dark in the hall. lol

yesterday, i quarrel with tien hua... still cant 4give him until now... i really angry la... n today, i meet a guy who is stay in same building n same course with me. finally i found this person, at least can ask him when got any problem... if not, alone very cham de... haha! juz kiding... dun mind. but nice to meet u, ken... (finally i can remember ur name lor...) haha... last, zheng yang looi, happy birthday!!!^^ today surprise or not, when v whole class sing birthday song to u... u seen noe dy de? lol

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