Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i 18 ler...

huh! it is a long time i didnt write my blog dy. sorry for the belated news ya...
well, finally, i steped into 18 years old on 21 july 2008. haha, become a 'woman' dy... izit? i think so... lol
and, i had a vivid memory in this birthday, which i wont b forgotten... that is, STUDY AT HOME!!!
yes, i didnt celebrate my birthday tis year. as i told my frens and my self oso that the 18th years old birthday must b very special because it is quite important day in our life. sure la, become adult dy leh... not a child anymore. but, i duno y? everytime wat i wish and expect are wont comes true de lor... swt

for tis time is because i had a BITA coursework test during the nxt day of my birthday. then, no choice. i hv to study! i dun wan fail my cw test!!! but i though... i cant! the questions quite difficult! i can sure that i wont get even half of full marks!!! swt haiz, wat the hell BITA, waste my sleeping time, someore waste my birthday to study pula. why?!!! what i can do is do well in my assignment, hope it can help me to higher up my marks... our kindly group leader, wai teng, all depends on you laaaa.... lol

too boring when study, capture myself... lol

tis girl finally 18 years old dy... cant imagine...swt

on the other hand, appreciated to my family who are always care about me... i love u guys very much... muacksssss... lol and oso same to all my frens who wished me during my birthday. very touched u noe? tis was the first time for so many ppl wished me. lol (am i easy to get touch?) anyway, thanks... thanks for still remember me, even primary frens to college frens now... i will remember the moment when you guys sms me or whatever laaaa. haha. admire to the tien hua's 18 years old birthday. seem they are very happy.

but, wat i felt disapointed was i didnt eat my birthday cake. since all my family dun like to eat, so... i miss my cake la... can the time goes back to my birthday? i juz wanna hving a cake!!! lol

last friday was the presentation for belinda's group, and i didnt take many pic, sorry la... dun mind ya...

all are leng lui.... ^^

recently, i was rounded by the mountain of cousework test and assignment (which is non-stop adn cant finish). tired everyday.. sumore not enough time to sleep... wanna relax!!! so, nth special for my life actually. juz finds a new place in TBR. there are a lot of delicious foods. not bad la, and the price oso... heehee... no wonder all of them says it is a gud place de.

sinyee and joh... talk smth la...swt

wen wen n puisan always smile charming de izit? haha... no la, juz bacause later wanna go jj.

xiowei more 'geng', sambil eat sambil c magazine... love....^^

delicious... sinyee, dun keep fit la!!!^^

who is the silly ppl behind me?!! wakaka

our 'xiao' gang... (hey, teacher teaches 'jangan main di tepi jalan', u guys capture pula!! swt)

xiowei n her lou po peiling... haha.. no la, she likes the sister for all of us...

joh, look here....^^

me and wen wen for sure.

besides, i juz register as a first aid unit (FAU) helper in a blood donation campaign which will held in TARC hall on 28 july 2008 with puiyee and sinyee. welcome for those wanna donating blood de oo. lol v will be there.

lazy to write dy, you guys see pic by urself la har... heehee... dun mind...

here is xiowei n wen wen, c how sweet they are...

puiyee n me play hp when hving lunch in TARC

long time didnt eat ice-cream dy...cant hving it on rainny day... like wat puiyee said, then juz hving on sunny day laaaaaa... (like kid..swt)

okay, today, i go jj (jaya jusco) wangsa maju with xiowei, wen wen and adeline. quite 'xiao' we are. first at all, our purpose is to have the secret recepi, now got promotion ma... quite cheap de... after tax only RM11.50 per set, including drinks. i share with wen wen and oso sumore cake there. haha. finally i eat my cake, i forgot wat the name of the cake is... watever la, the most important is VERY DELICIOUS!!! lol yeah!!! and oso thanks for adeline's discount card. sinyee, didnt go very sayang laa. lol

then, v gonna S&J for a while to buy sumthing and the fun park inside. (still like a kid) lol but, is very enjoy, i forgo all the stress during the moment v play together. especially is the moment we playing basketball, v fight with me and adeline one group, xiowei and wen wen one group. u noe wat is the final result? haha! my group is LOSE! swt

sorry that i forget take pic, too happy dy. lol

huh! finally finish our BITA and IA coursework test. and the BS and ME cousework test are coming soon. gambateh! all of us! before i stop the topic today, wat i wanna tell is today is a very happy day for me. it is a long time i didnt relax like today. thanks...

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