Friday, July 4, 2008

First day presentation

well, it was a few day i didnt write blog lo. erm, let me talk smt about wat is happening recently lor.
first, i had a BS test yesterday. haiz, so disapointed. it was not enough time to me. n i really thought that i didnt did it well. besides, all of the student's paper different n very unfortunately, i got a very difficult ques paper. unlucky la.

on the other hand, i met a few primary best fren in TARC again. quite happy la... really long time nvr c them liao... miss u guys la... thanks for still remember me... touching... miss the moment when v together... all the memories spring to my mind...
then, v hving a HE presentation today. sure, tis the first day i present in TARC. quite challeging to me... lol
early morning, i wear the formal shirt to college. uncomfortable la... long time didnt wear skirt ler... swt
today oso is a unlucky day lor... tis is the first time i cant get a seat in TARC bus... n wear skirt somemore... haiz
when reach TARC, puiyee said the shirt quite suitable for me ler... so happy. becoz i think that it is quite kolot before. lol v r using power point to start our presentation today. so stress la... my heart pump very fast at that time. especially when the lecturer asking question... finally, v done it! sucess... yeah**

c how happy v r after the presentation... heehee^^ (But sweat very well laaa...)

n last, i get my ME test paper back today. i PASS dy! haha!:) congratulation to me... heeheenow, i m expect the coming of tt nite... hv to make up leh! (my first time again) afraid...

somemore is my birthday is coming soon... i MUST have a vivid memories in this 18th years old birtday.. quite important de oo... heehee...

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