Thursday, July 10, 2008

hv u smile today?

as i noe, there are a lot of frens feel sad n unhappy recently
of couse, tis is relate to me oso
somebody is because the stress in college
somebody is because miss their loving parents in the hometown
somebody is because the problem of their new relationship
somebody is because too busy and cant finish the moutain of assignment and coursework
n somebody is very very unlucky recently
there is many many reasons cause us become sadness
do u notice that it is a long time v didnt smile?
it is a long time v didnt chat together
a lot of things around us
and waiting us to solve it
perhaps, i cant do anything for you and help you nthing
wat i can do is
post this picture to u guys
which is my fellow fren sent to me
it is help me a lot
can help me out from sadness
wish it can help u guys oso
forgo all the sadness
n smile from now......^^


Anonymous said...

hope you will always be happy n smile everday!
good luck for your and tien hua future.
hope you two can smile always n happy everyday la^^

puisan said...

thanks for view my blog and ur comment ya...
eventhough i duno who you is,
i oso hope that u will happy in the coming days...