Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i HATE add maths and business statistics

actually, i m not sure wat the topic that i wanna write for today.
anyway, wat i wanna tel is i hate BS! (one of the subject which is compulsory to take)
i dun like add maths since i have to study it from form 4, all is because i m a sciece stream student. it is a compulsory subject too!!!
finally i graduated, i though i can forgot all the syallabus of add maths when in college. but, very unforturenaly, i cant!!! there is consists another subject which is called business statistic here and it is exactly same ++ more complicate to the add maths wat i studied before. swt
i really duno wat the lecturer teach in class everytimes. i try my best to understand it and recall back all the such things, but...
how come a long holiday can causes me forgo wat my add maths tuition teacher teached before?!!! very sorry for GANESH...

i ll have a coursework 2 for BS again at the week 10th. about probability and distribution... (my weakest syallubus) i really duno how i die that day... i afraid... very afraid, eventhough passed in coursework 1 dy... sb can help me?!!!

on the other hand, about the accounting test paper that teacher gv back today. erm... same, i pass dy... but not very well. i think i can do it well than tis. all is depends on me didnt work hard that time... nvr mind. i ll try my best in course 2.

today is tien hua's birthday. sorry for cant celebrate with you. dun mind okay? anyway, i hope all the wishes that you tel me yesterday nite can comes true... i trust u!!! and i think yun horng and all your housemates now will gives you a very vivid birthday memory... last, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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