Sunday, May 10, 2009

^O^ releasing ^O^

HuH?!! puisan very 'hak zai' recently.
Everything also cant goes nicely and properly
very very bad!
and i am very very unhappy... =(

First, my msn kena hacked and cant sign in at all
Second, my pendrive lost again
Third, some design for my new room not like what i think and want
Forth, I left my SO B in my grandma's house
(I'm so sad. I miss my SO B very much!!!)

As you all know,
i am enjoying my holiday(3 weeks sem break)
finals end finally
and i do not have any comment about this
just thanks god ~
can relax abit
and no need memories the same things everyday lor

What am i doing during this holiday leh?
do not plan to work lor
just feel like wanna relax and take rest only
my parents also agree leh...
thanks daddy thanks mommy

So, as what i plan before,
i went genting on 3/5 again
any details and pics will be upload soon
really lazy recently

By the way,
what i am planning for this holiday are
1. gather with my primary buddies
2. try to drive outside
3. buying and choosing furnitures for new house
4. faster find back my previous msn friend's list
5. genting trip [done]
6. back to visit grandparents [done]

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