Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Genting Trip Again

3/5 (Sunday), my dardar & I and wenwen & her dardar went to Genting again. Erm... my comment is... VERY COLD! Yup, Genting was very very cold that day. What the whether forecast showed that there was a sunny day... LIE ME! (I didnt wear long pans leh! HOO! XD)
okay, let it go! First, same like first time, wenwen and zhongfoo come and fetch us on 12pm then having lunch at Wangsa Maju. After that.... our journey START!

As i told you just now, Genting very cold that day... But, we still gonna outdoor themepark... WOW, all of us cold until 'face white white' haha~

I love genting

I must play this everytime i go Genting... Enjoy my kid moment~ wakaka~
My dar dar dun want teman me ride horse lar...

zhongfoo dipaksa oleh us to play this... kesian ooo...
wenwen and me^^
We like chocolate... I want eat all~hahahahaha

Me in chocolate's house

Four of us~
very nervous...XD
wen: why you so excited after ride? Funny leh!

OMG! first time i ride 'hai dao chuan' leh... S.O.S... (see the boy behind me...hahaha)
wenwen also scare ler
After... (Why we need to wear this leh?) Because...
Yup! I am F1 player
I am the champion... woohoo

Dinasour Island ~ There got show inside, very nice. When the 'sampan' into the 'black hole', the door closed. Then, you will see some dinasour appear beside you! OMG!

sweet memoriessssssssssssssssssssssssss

Watching 3D show

After fun, back room take rest luuu... (see my 'lazy' SO B, sleep only, didnt play with us at outside) huhuhu
After bath, make up before 'gai gai' lor...

hua and san

I like this ship
I like the background behind
hua, 'xin ku ni ler'~ help us take pics

puisan smile~ ^^

Tien Hua, Why you dun want smile ooo?
Then, gonna having dinner at HAO WEI DAO! delicious oo... (forget take pic ler... paiseh~ XD)
Midnight, gonna cineplex watch X-MEN~ haha! not bad not bad~ but, very tired ooo~
Second day
Brush teeth~ You see my pig dardar... Brush teeth also can sleep one? Most unbelievable is he still can brush on the bed... OMG!

After that, enjoy our breakfast lor... WOW! so delicious~

eat eat eat only~
Finish lor~
We are so FULL~
After having breakfast, walk around~

There are different country's time behind... (Dun care the SO LOU in front... wakaka)
Before back KL,
I like the view here~

Hua look like elephant ma?
Me and 'xun wu kong' take pic together leh~ *pround*

We are 'tu di' number 4 and me... 'qu xi jin' lor~

zhongfoo and wenwen... so sweet leh~

puisan and tienhua's 'room'

We are too active ler... can compare with xiowei = hyperactive~ hahahahaha

I look so 'mini' compare with this~ WAH!

FOUR of us~ yeah~ zhongfoo, wenwen, puisan, tienhua~
Actually the background behind very meaningful one, sorry for cant capture to you all~
It is some words that leave from 'Lim Wu Tong'~ For us to remember forever~
Msg for zhongfoo and wenwen:
Thanks you all ooo... And very sorry because both of you need to wait us only during the whole trip. Haha~ Sorry ooo~ We're too PIG~ ^^

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