Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh No! Oh Shit! Oh My God!

Actually, I'm doing my Financial Accounting's tutorial question right now. But, I'm quite blur and I dunno what am I doing~ I cant balance at all!!! Somebody can help me? I'm blur!

**No point to write this post, just wanna release my stress only~ XD**

Before i end,
Let me tell you what am I study during this sem~
1. Operations of Financial Institution (OFI)
2. Financial Accounting (FI)
3. Managing People in Organisation (MPO)
4. Lending and Securities (LS)
5. Principles of Investment (PI)
6. Tamadun Islam & Asia (TI)

OFI - Is a serious lecturer. He never smile during the whole class. Is a very very 'strick' man~ (wenwen scare him very much) lolx
FI - Is a good lecturer and she is hamil dy~ Extend our class until 8.15pm since the first class. She is reponsible and nicer. I think I can score with her teaching, but, I hope I wont have class until so late anymore... This is the only one time i stay at TARC until so late... really scare~
MPO - I really cant remember how is this lecturer look like. So, dun care~ That means I dun like this subject at all~ XD wakaka
LI - Lecturer is our course's program supervisor~ (I think is for whole SBS school's supervisor) She looks nice and like a very 'strong' woman. Not bad~ Can consider good too...=)
PI - Is a malay lecturer. Erm... no comment... She asks me question during the first class... OMG~ About her teaching... two word to describe>>> 'LUO SUO'
TI - Is a indian lecturer. Likes to joke during class. I really cant imagine how come a Indian teach us Tamadun Islam??????? But, he is funny and make all of us have a 'happy' class~ XD

Thats all~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To be continue (puisan's college life)

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