Saturday, June 13, 2009


Heehee~ I had a 'mini' gathering on 23/05/09 with my SJK(C) Tsun Jin's primary buddies. I am freakin happy that day because I never expect all of them still remember me and no one 'break promise' to me~ Really touch~

Erm... place is Timesqure's gasoline~ Actually, we are planning to go 'ceong k' de. Because scare some of them dun like, so, cahnge our plan suddenly~ Really sorry to Valarie (huixin) ooo... Okay, what is happend that day? Erm... Nothing speacial, we just chit chat there... Talk about the memories at Tsun Jin and our life recently~

During the chatting, I like to mention about Paulynn (blueberry) because of her 'expert' brain. She still can remember all the things when we young~ Even, who is where what type of shirt and shoes in primary... Besides, she is able to remember all of us birthday~ OMG! There are 18 ppls there leh! How can she remember? >.<>
One more thing is about Wen Xiong~ He is change a lot!!! I cant recognize him when he reach~ I'm sure!!! He becomes... 'fashion' a bit ler... =) and bring his gf come too~ XD

Oopssss... One more is about Vincent (wenqiang). He work already ooo... Now is a successful Marketing Manager... Good ooo~ XD
Dont talk too much ler... Just share with you all ba! >.<
Top :Zhongyang, Zhenhuei, Keyuan, Zheeyee, Wenxiong, Huixin, Cailin, Melvin
Middle:Kenneth, Seowyong
Bottom:Yihui, Sookhui, Yenyen, Paulynn, ME, Wenqiang, Yeewen
girls team
Boy's team
best friends
-black team-
-white team-
-pink team-
-blue 'team'-


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