Sunday, April 5, 2009

no $$$money$$$


puisan no money dy leh!

pk jor...

a lot of things need to buy

but i really do not have enough money

i need to buy a lot of new furnitures

for my room in my new house

then need to buy a new handphone too

after 3 more weeks,

the college's tuition fees will be coming soon


where can i get so much of money?

Maybe i can do a part time job during sem break

but where can i find a part time job to work

for only 3 weeks?

by the way,

I am also thinking to have a trip with my frens...

I am too tired recently...

I need a break!

Finals exam is around the corner

about 2 more weeks

but i haven start my revision yet

Many things waiting me to do

i am very tired



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