Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's All About Melv

Today, my post is 'IT'S ALL ABOUT MELV'... Yes, Melvin Phun is our buddy. He will switch from our course soon. This sem will be the last sem we study together with him. For me, Melv is a very very 'fashion' guys. He is brave to do anything. Likes, bodyart, new and 'yeah' de hair style... But, he is skinny. (thin than me alots) lolx... paiseh lar...

How i know him de neh? Let me think first... I think is from peiling gua. I still remember that how he introduce himself...

"Hi, I'm banana."

All of us think that his name is banana? Why this guy so funny... Then finally we know that he is called melvin and banana means he is chinese but dunno chinese word... lolx But, we still like to call him banana because we think this name is very suit for him... keke... By the way, he can speak cantonese so... this is one of the way i communicate with him... lolx

Melv has a car... He always fetch us go here and there. Introduce a lots of delicious food to us and gonna travel too. Wah! It is a vivid memory for me. Everyday after school, he will become a gentlemen driver and fetch us back to home or LRT station. Haiz, next time no ppl fetch lor... Must be very 'cham'... without uncle 'meow' chit chat there...


when i know Melv, he is still very gentle de... see... how cute he is? lolx
always fetch us go eat only... (i fat also related to him a bit) honestly... lolx
We like Mcd... It is our breakfast for a long period... 'We lovin It!'

First time gonna One Utama to having "Bar B Q". Nice! Our purpose is to celebrate our first sem's finals exam end jor... wakaka... weird leh? i know... lolx
Gonna Zoo... and walk for 4 hours (I wont forget forever!!!! XD)
Acting 'APE' together... Cant understand? They said orang utan only know this 3 poses... tutup mulut, mata, telinga... hahaha... (I also duno why i wanna 'xiao' with them... huhu!~) not bad also lar...
~communicate with animals~

he know how to friend with ~~~
how to talk with ~~~
and how to dance with ~~~

he DOES NOT always sleep in class
he DOES NOT always sit so gentle like this
He DOES NOT buli girls and 'crazy' like this
OkAy, stop laughing at him!!!
Melv: support your decision... must find us 'yam cha' when you free ooo...



m3lv said...

OMG!!!All about m3lv!!

dun worry ler~i change course doesn't mean i wont be with you all mer ;) you all will always be in my heart~I wonder how the relation can bond so fast ==

When you all go yamcha, hang kai, or anything~GIV ME A CALL!!!!

I'll miss you all =) best of luck with finals ya!!

puisan said...

touch dao!
okay ler...
keep in touch!