Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well, finally i have done half of my assignment and coursework... So, it is the time for me upload my photo again... ><>

First of all, this is the pic that i took when the 9 ppls of us gonna have pizza at carrefour wangsa maju....

sinting and xiowei playing basketball in the 'child playground'... lol See how talent they are...?!

silly xiowei wanna be superwomen at our 'yam yam shu' in college, but actually she cant jump at all... =="


my youngest cousin... cute?

my bro, he took the water from outside when there is the time for my grandma's house area no water~ very cham you know...?! 4 days ar....


Eventhough no water, but my dad also can cook this kind of foods in his working restaurant... yummy?!!!.... but i dun like it! =P

what i like is this one... prawn!!!! wow, delicious!

this one is the food that they called 'her go'... in hokkien!

tomato fish?...

wakaka! abalone! my family beloved! my bro and i hated!


what my sis playing there?

haha! this is the machine from ogawa! haha! look at my mom and sis stomach.... goyang saje! like that wont get slim okay?!

mu turn pulak!

my sis and I (take 1)

take 2

my lovely family
Yesterday, i went to Penang with my lovely guma's family. Our purpose is to attend a wedding... sambil travelling... huhu! ><
this is the tol that we must pass by before we gonna the Penang bridge! From my uncle, this already hv 20++ years... but how come i duno eventhough come to Penang many times dy? =="

raining outside

Penang bridge
the sea that i like the most before

But now, the Penang bridge also kena 'upgrade'.... So that, we can see many 'awas' marks over there!
i hate all these barries!

me, took in Traders hotel

the wedding... and we can see a lot of instrumental on the stage for those who need to perfomance later

wedding sweet!

Before we back to home today, we gonna Kampar, near Ipoh to buy this! the famous 'chicken bread'!
this is what it look like! ><> And, when you open it...

... it become like this! having it with the bread beside... very delicious you know?! I like it very muchie...
wakaka, this is what we brought from the hotel.... ==" paiseh lar...

nescafe also take back lar....
And last, how is our X'mas plan. BBQ and Karaoke can? Thats all... bye!

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