Thursday, November 20, 2008


hmmmm.... finally i have finish my eng presentation.... =="
what is my opion?
i think quite okay ba...
just... damn panic de...!
at least i done ler... =)

Recently, my life is full of a word 'BUSY'...
many of things are waiting for me.
Badminton assignment, BM assignment, BISA assignment
BM presentation, English presentation
somemore BISA coursework, Badminton test and Driving license also...
++ need to gonna help my bro and sis change school pulak!

OMG! when i can finish all those things?!

Yesterday went carrefour Wangsa Maju with xiowei, wenwen, peyling, sinting, melv, wai teng, wen long and chenghua... (9 peoples). I felt very happy because it is a long time we didnt go out together since the semester 2 start! Anyway, appreciate to you guys~

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