Friday, October 23, 2009

MY phone+dear+result+mooncake

puisan is freaking happy now~

There are a lot of things happened on me this few days
The most sad thing is I LOST MY PHONE
which is I just bought it 3 MONTHS AGO
I dunno when I lost it
how I lost it and where I lost it!
I totally no point about its death reasons
It just disappear silently
and I lost all my friends contact too :(
I miss my phone BADLY

Last week dunno what date~ (sorry, I forgot dy :P)
is the 1000th days anniversary of my dar dar and me
We had a small celebration that day
Sorry that I did not took any pictures about it since i lost my lovely phone
Dar dar was cooked a box of FRIED RICE for me
This was the first time he cooked for me
I am so TOUCH
because he was worse in cooking
And his best food is 'black egg'
I really pening when I saw him cook
And now, he is.... hehe~ I am touching~ T.T =)
My pig pig dear is wake up early in order to cook for me leh! =)
Hahahaha~ gila me!
About the present ma? Dun want to tel you all! :P

Below are few pictures that we took on previous weeks
Just wanna share with you all~

First, my dar dar fetch my mom, sis and me went to Tanjung Sepat to having lunch again...

Went to Jusco Seremban just for fun~ because nth to do ma~! haha *lame*

Lunch time~~~

Our new shirt~ Like it VERY MUCHIE! ^^

Went beach to view the sunset~ wearing his dad and mom's 'sun glasses' lolx

HAPPY belated 1000th day ANNIVERSARY

The time when we know each other

and now and ever~ (I am happy to know you~ I'm sure!)

By the way, my finals result was finally out on 21/10
Erm... my result is quite okay~
I was satisfied dy~
But, no any reward from my parents~ bad lar!!!:(
Any way, I am happy about it!
and I think most of my friends also got a good result
Congrat to all of US!
So, we (wenwen, szechuin, boonlee, shihan and me) are gonna celebrate just now~
All the photos will be upload soon~
since there are not at me~ lolx be continue...........

My dar dar's finals result will be come out soon too~
I am here to wish him get a good result ba!
must be confident ya dear~ =)

Mooncake festival

I know it was past a long time~ Just wanna share~ hahaha~

Went to visit my mom who is working at MidValley during the month of the mooncake festival
It is the counter that her company sell the mooncake
Quite nice for the design for all the hotel counters~ like it!=)

Mooncakes that I LOVE
(=..............................THATS ALL...............................=)

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