Friday, October 9, 2009


Finally finish the cartoon movie '橘子酱男孩' within 5 days
Is a very interesting japanese movie since 1994
I got it from PPS =) there are 76 episode
And about 25 minutes for each episode
1994? I am 4 years old only... lolx

It describes a love story between Miki and You
Both of them are face a lot of troubles and problems
And many 'third parties' involve to their love
Due to the reasons of handsome You and happiness Miki
A lots of quarrel, jealous between them
In fact, I'm sure that it will be happen to every lover
I feel happy when there is a happy ending for the story

Dunno why? I like this kind of movie very much
Maybe just because I am a person who like romantic? *be honest :p*
For me, love is quite complex
And it is hard and needs a long period to maintain it
It is not easier to find a Mr.right who really care about you in the world
I'm touch when watching this movie
Really wish that there is a love story likes this movie will happen in fact
Of course dont so many 'third parties'
Just hopes that all of us can find this person
Wishes all of us can found our Mr.right and found our happiness
*Xixi* even it is a hardest job

Puisan's secret:
I alway fall myself into the movie which I love. Espeacially for love movie. I can thinking and enjoying about it for a period of time. Feel so sorry about that. This is my personal opinion after watching this movie. So, DONT CARE~ just wanna share with you~ such a crazy thinking~ THAT IS ME! =)


p/s: Maybe quite boring in the middle part of the movie... erm... just enjoy it! If you like this kind of movie too... XD

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