Sunday, July 26, 2009


I'm here again after having few of tests and assignments which is enough to take all my time recently. Sorry for didnt update any news about me for a long time. puisan felt very stress recently. As what i tell you, I have too much assignments and tests to go during this sem. I need to do the same things which is study everyday~ I dun have any time to rest, to have a well sleep~ I know, all of this not only for me, it is same to my friends too~ I dunno how they feel? and I'm not even have time to ask them. What the things that we did at college recently is only study or doing assignment, tutorials together. I'm moody~ Sorry~ I know this is not a friends should do~ Sorry, my friends~ sorry, wenwen~ sorry dear~
Okay, dun think about it~

Besides those of the XX study, I have a lot of activities during my previous weekends too (which is happened last week) nyek nyek! =) Let me show you!
First, 21/7 was my birthday and also my first time chinese birthday. So, i really expected I will have a unforgettable birthday that day~ But, failed! haiz~ But, due to my dar dar's birthday was on 16/7 and mine was 21/7, then we finally decide that celebrate 'our' birthday on 18/7 (saturday). Hehe~
Noon, my dar dar and me went to Sungei wang shopping and having our lunch~ Then, watch 'Harry Potter 6' at Pavilion's GSC cinema. I like the movie very much~! No reasons. When we reached, many ppls queue up there. Eventhough we're reserve the place early, the reservation counter also have a long queue. >.<>

puisan's 'fan ban' birthday
Night, having steamboat at home with my family
my bro and sis
Around 2++am, our celebration start! **lame?** i know! Because all of us very full ma~ cant eat lar if too early~
Our birthday's cake~ from 'mai ke si'~ got 3 layers de ooo~ middle is cheese~ =)
Happy birthday to puisan and tienhua~ (why we celebrate at floor? ask my bro~ because he is lazy to stand up~ ==" so ask all of us sit down~ ==""""""")
my wishes are: ~~~~~~ (dun want to tel you!!! :p)
my loving mommy and me

with my loving mommy and dear
My sis like this cake very much
and my bro like the champaign~ see~ he drink most!
My dar dar birthday's present
act cool~ >.<

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! PUISAN~ 19 year old luuuu... old T.T
Went to Shangri-la having lunch (DIMSUM) on forget when dy~ ( i think is before 18/7) no explantion~ enjoy the pics only ba! nyek... nyek! ;p
20/7 (before my birthday coming)
Haiz~ what I do? STUDY only ler~ sad~ T.T
My birthday~ BUT~ no celebration with my friends T.T because of the exam tmr~ haiz~ but, thanks to my friends who says HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me ooo~ I really hope that I can have a 'memorable' birthday with you all~ (this is one of my wishes) but, I think very difficult ler since we'll gonna graduate next year~ I'm very very dissapointed!
Before gonna college~ Wear pretty abit lar... My birthday leh! >.< (the first day rainning after unrain for about 2 weeks) OMG! What a very very unlucky birthday~ Oops... forget my birthday present which is buy with my dar dar that day~ my new phone~ =)
Finally I can 'breath' today~ for one day~ after finish exam 2 subjects and 1 assignment in a week~ Hang out with SHI HAN amd my bro and sis. PAVILION (purpose: watch ICE AGE 3)
Having lunch at Pavilion's food court
I like SHI LIN's chicken chop very much!
Since our movie start at 2.40pm, so we gonna play games at sungei wang before that. Shihan play~~~
this~ lolx
playing basketball~ lolx
back after watching movie~ by bus~ (my bro who very sleepy)
Dunno why, feel like want to cook today~ Didnt cook for a long time! This is the only ingredients that I can find in my house's kitchen... No soup today~ Mommy, is the time to go pasar lor~ (my mom wont buy too much things because all our dinner are prepare my my loving 'guma'.)
Speacially to my dear:
Hey ONG TIEN HUA, I know how to cook de okay?!!!


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