Monday, July 6, 2009

My weekend

Last saturday, my dar dar came and find me again...=) Yes, I am happy~ No reasons! There are 3 purposes that we are planning to do:
1. Watch Transformer 2
2. Servey the price for a handphone
3. Going KLCC's park to refresh our kid memories

Okay, first, we went to KLCC in order to watch the movie in TGV cinema but very unfortunately we cant bought the tickets. Too many ppls queue up there until outside the 'queuing area'! Very surprise~ Never see so many ppls who are willing to wait in order to watch that movies. OMG! The tickets sold out in a sudden only~

Never mind, we give up ler~ Then gonna STADIUM to accompany my dar dar. He is planning to buy a futsal sport shoe during his coming birthday. (Duno why he likes to play futsal very much~ always injured here and there only~ No eye see >.<)

Then, we gonna KLCC's park~ I think there is around 8 years I din go ler~ Miss there... But, haiz... something disappointed~ you know why? because there is not like what i expected! >.<
Actually, that is not the park problem but is ME! The playground that I think very big when I was small become very mini size suddenly... And also the 'hua ban', my legs will stuckes there when I play it~ Oh my god! i cant play all the things there anymore now...!!! Besides, the 'hill' which I felt very hard to climb before and i just need 2 minutes to climb now!!! Oh My God~!!! I am old dy~~~ T.T
~~~~~No commet~~~~~silent~~~~~
After that, we back ler~ and at night, I cook 'Mee goreng' to my bro, sis and also dardar~ I know i am worse in cooking~ Dont laugh at me ma! T.T Thanks for dar dar because eat all! Keke~ Midnight, watching DVD with my dar dar then~~~ sleep~
Next day, cook spaghetti as breakfast then went to Pavilion (GSC) to watch the movie. Same, long queue~ But, we bought the tickets this time! ~~finally~~ walk walk walk~ eat eat eat~ buy buy buy~ saw the fashion show a while~ Thats all!
Went to low yat plaza to do survey~ Erm... I think I will buy the handphone on my coming birthday~ most probably! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh~ finally again~
Night, trying to prepare sandwich~ Result: sucess! Yeah~
Thats all for my weekend! I am happy, enjoy, waiting dar dar come again to celebrate our birthday together~ XD

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