Wednesday, December 31, 2008

welcome 2009

Today is the last day for 2008. For the coming year still left about 2 hours... As what i think, i didnt gonna anywhere to count down. But not very disappoint dy because really got a bit tired lor...

I view my friend's blog just now and what i realize is many of them write out the summary for 2008 (what they did in this year). Izit meangful? or just waste 1 year like that?

For me, i cant remember when and what are the things that i did. What i know is, i am very very happy during 2008. Since i stepped into TARC, i know a lot of friends, and i also start to enjoy my friendship life... Damn well... Appreciate to god to give me chance to know you guys... and i also start my first job this year... haha... quite challenging de... ^^

Besides, i never regret that to choose TARC as my study area... Eventhough many of them didnt like it. It gives me a lot of happiness. It is truth! But what i disappoint is i didnt take part in any society, except two, TT nite and become a helper in FAU blood donation. You know why? For me, i am also consider as a active lady in my primary and secondary school. I always took part in many activities before this. Maybe is because too stress in my studies. I really afraid that i cant scored and the homework and study time dy make me very very tired. Espeacially in Semester 2. lolx

On the other hand, tien hua... erm... since we are not study in a same college, and our college distance quite far also... erm... i dun know how to explain lar... what i wanna tel is i have worry about that izit we can handle and face the problem for 'long distance love' or not before this? But now i am agree about your thinking... Hope that do not have any changes happen in our life ba... i am enjoy now, just hopes that you can always come and find me when you free lar... lolx

Last, my family... erm... what i hope is, we can stay together again as soon as possible ba... huhu...

puisan's new year wishes:
1. Get a good result in my coming sem2 final exam
2. Stay with my family
3. Faster get my driving license
4. Our friendship never change
5. More happy in the coming days

And now, Happy New Year everyone!

xiowei, wenwen: what you all doing now? enjoy your new year ba... Wont regrat to know you all! lolx... so weird...

Weiqiu: My cutie friend, very happy to know you. You're a nice friend... Really very happy when i chat with you... even got a bit crazy... haha! Anyway, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday oh... (1 January) Enjoy your melacca trip ba! lolx