Wednesday, October 8, 2008

we're blue

All are become fact dy and i cant help them anymore...
They try their best to stay in Group 3 but they cant!
shinz joh damn sad just now until cannot say out any word
zhengyang still can smile but we know that he is blue
coffee pula, i think he can face the problem actually
lingyeing, gonna Group 5 alone...
she is pitiful because no anyone of her frens accompany her
and have to go back alone at night.
Group 5 time table is bad!
The latest class of them is until 7.30pm
means who is stay far away have to back at night!
Besides, they have class on saturday...
who wanna back hometown have to stay until the class finish!
8 peoples are chosen from our group
I cant help you guys...
just hope that
the supervisor who wanna come to our class to discuss this problem
can change her plan...
or cancel the group
since there are so many ppls complain dy...
God bless you...

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