Wednesday, September 17, 2008

exam weeksssss

Huh! finally i have a short break now, thank god! Recently, I'm terrible tired and busy in order to face the final exam. You know how busy i am? I can tel you, is VERY BUSY. lame*

Well, for this final exam, we're compulsory to take six subjects test. There are,
1.BITA (Business Information Technology and Application)
2.HE (Hubungan Etnik)

3.BS (Business Statistics)

4.English Language

5.IA (Introduction to Accounting)
6.ME (Microeonomic)

and i had finished the first four subjects above until today. Let me show the story to you guys here.

Okay, first day exam, is BITA test, which is a subject about computer. It's syllabus are all the thing that we have to memorize. Actually, this exam paper is only to test your memory, to test how many things you can memorize in a short period. We have to memorize all the 10 chapters syllabus in order to answer the test. But if you ask me what am i study during this subject. I'm sorry, I DUNO!

Sorry, back to the topic. We had the exam on 4 September in college hall. Early morning, xiowei was came to my house and went to college with me. Honestly, I felt unwell that day because of my sickness for a week. Bad! But no choice, i have to attend. During the exam, all of us felt cold because of the low temperature inside plus raining outside. Fortunately i brought my bro's jacket which is very thick. wakaka. After exam, I blur in a few seconds. Then i cried when back to home. I CANT ANSWER! I did many mistake in the exam paper, but i cant do anything dy, it was past. GOD BLESS ME!

Second exam, English. Venue is sport complex, a cold room also. Basically, the question is easy, what the thing difficult is the answer. I tried my best to answer it but sorry, i duno izit correct. swt That is for me, but on the other hand, it is totally different for Melv. He finished the paper within an hour and the time given for this paper suppose is 2 hours. remain silent....

Third, HE. Venue, PA block. Erm... This is the only one of the exam paper that started in early morning, 9am. Before the exam going started, i went to college earlier because afraid that i may missed the bus. I was waiting xiowei who is promise will came early. But, she was break promise for sure. Reasons is... " I gonna having breakfast with my friend ar..." swt It's okay, what i care is, wen wen came and she is a person who is very panic during exam period. When she reached, she sat beside of me and gave me a very charming smile. Then, she started memorize. Wow, you cant imagine the situation. She just see the title then can memorize all the things in the notes. WOW!!!

Last, today, BS This is the second subject i didn't expect very much because I'm worst in add maths before and i hate about it. Besides, this subject is no any extra days for us to study much, it is starts on the next day of HE exam. So, what i can do is, asked wen wen to help me tuition. lol We straight to the library after HE exam yesterday and revised for about 4 hours. Damn tired. At night, i did a lot of questions until around 3am then gonna sleep. Well, today. In the moment i get the exam paper, i shock! I can do it. WOW! I never expect it is enough time for me to finish the paper. I am the one who is most exciting after finish the exam. Although i think i cant score a very higher marks, but, it is enough for me because i win myself! puisan, GAMBATTE!!!


Gabriel said...

if didn't forgot what you have told last time, today is your last subject ba...
after this few weeks, finally you finish all your exam...
And have a break...

puisan said...