Sunday, August 24, 2008



stay away from me

i can't handle dy

i just need a break!

final exam is around the corner

i try my best to study

but i can't remember all the single things

mood to study is absent for me!

six subjects

i don't think that i can finish all

'may i do it?'

this question is spring to my mind again and again

and i duno how to answer it

there is raining everyday recently

and the wind blows strongly

i always near to the window

looking to the sky


i like raining

i like to hear the 'voice' that rain bring to me

it is peace

and suitable for my situation now

can somebody give me some energy?

i really duno wat am i doing?

what am i thinking nowadays?

hopes i can pass this kind of 'suffer'

when i wake up from my sleep


i heard a new, melv and joh may quit his study or change course... pls... dont! eventhough we know each other only a few months. but, i m glad to know you guys... and i really cant imagine the situation of our gang without you... my frinds, trust urself pls...

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