Thursday, July 1, 2010

puisan is happy~ :)

puisan is very enjoying her life recently...
It's nice to smile everyday
College life becomes more meaningful
since I know all of my new friends~
Am I look young a bit after smile?
...maybe... lolx
I hopes all of these won't stop...
I like this feeling~ really! :)

It's July now...
and my 20 years old birthday also coming soon~
becomes old ler...
I have a wish~
I hope that I won't sit any exam during this birthday like before
I wish to celebrate with all my friends... (also dar dar and family for sure)
God bless... give me a chance pls...
puisan will appreciate de... :)

I want smile everyday~ Can I?... ^^

**By the way, i think I should start study dy... Later scold by mommy~ hehe... after convo ba!