Wednesday, August 12, 2009

small trip =)

Last saturday, I went to grandmom's house which is consider a small town with my mom, bro and sis... Well, the place called SUNGAI PELEK. Why call this name? From old ppl, got a story~ Let me tell you! Once upon a time, there is a place which has a river='sungai' but very impossible is the river is no water inside... So, sungai 'pelik' form~ end~ *swt* =="

We reached there around 10.00am by bus. After visited my grandparents and chat with them until around 12.30pm~ I hang out with my dar dar lor... *he is holiday now~=)*

Lazy to describe, just enjoy the pics can? heehee~ ^^

This is the first time he fetch me ooo~ ^^ He looks serious when driving~ sienz~~>.<

The only thing inside his car~

Sure i want take photo inside the car lar... shock sendiri~ ^^


under contruction~ and will become what as show below after two years~

I like here before~ look peace... like to face the sea and shout loudly when moody~!!! "ar............................!!!"

Then, back to grandmom's house and fetch my mom and sis went to TANJUNG SEPAT to having lunch~ *recommended by my dar dar~

This restaurant is nearby the beach~ We can having lunch or dinner with enjoy the view of the sea~ nice feeling~=)

These are the foods that we order... all very very delicious ooo~ and not expensive~ 5 dishes only cost RM80++~ NICE PLACE!

The beach beside the restaurant~

Before went home,

can you see what difference to me?.....................guess...................
Yes, I cut my hair~ and my sis too~ XD

my dar dar and his car park in front of my grandmom neighbour's house... *sorry for kacau ya!*

my sis and I with new hair style~ ^^ nice?

NICE TRIP~~~ =) enjoying~

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